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Tinnitus and Noise Induced Hearing Loss [сообщение #337597] Пнд, 06 Апрель 2020 13:23
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It is also common with people Tinnitus 911 Revisión who have regular, or even one time exposure to loud noises. Occasionally this condition may be the result of a brain tumor or aneurysm. These cases however are quite rare. Tinnitus retraining therapy does not make the ringing in the ears disappear, but rather masks it through the use of white noise or a series of chosen sounds.

The idea is to reprogram the brain to focus on these sounds, rather than the troublesome ringing or whooshing that is usually experienced. So although the sound does not disappear, it does not have the effect on an individual that it did prior to therapy. In fact, some have compared the noises after therapy to that of the sound of a refrigerator. A person hears it, but it is not bothersome. Generally a device which looks similar to a small hearing aid is worn on the ear. This device releases the prerecorded sounds at regular intervals.

Others may use compact disks with similar prerecorded sounds. This seems to be a popular choice for people at bed time. It is important for anyone suffering with this condition to understand they there is help. Tinnitus retraining therapy may be just the help that is needed. If you have been struggling with tinnitus then you need to know how to cure tinnitus. Many medical procedures claim to cure tinnitus, but really all they do is leave you a light wallet and may even damage your hearing.

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