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Find out! Why is it when heartbroken Many people want to get drunk. [сообщение #514167] Пнд, 01 Февраль 2021 08:45
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Ever wondered why people around me (Or even many of us at times) when feeling sad, stressed, depressed, or clearly "heartbroken", many people yearn for the so-called "alcohol". Alcohol here is not rubbing alcohol. Live in my heart But it is alcohol, a drink that you want to drink during drunken love. At the time of normal Many people have never had the idea of ​​trying it. And where did the symptoms of wanting to get drunk when suffering from? Will lead you to find answers

Is the urge to get drunk really related to sadness?
Does the craving for alcohol when heartbroken be related to our sadness? First of all, I would like to invite everyone to observe different personality types from drunk people to find that the symptoms of drunk people can be manifested in many ways. There were those who were drunk and revealed the devil's body. Some of them are drunk and are on a rampage, causing trouble all over. Some of them are drunk. Some of them are drunk, but not in trouble. Knock down the table and fall asleep. And some of them are drunk and crying Do not think this is a joke, because people get this much when they are absent from alcohol.

You can see that drunk personality can be divided into two main categories: drunk and strum. For example, becoming a gangster, revealing a dark figure, or doing something crazy with other people with drunkenness. Has a very stupid place until he went to see Indra With a numb in the corner to sit and cry Sitting, blissfully portraying the sorrows and sorrows in my heart.

The cerebrum is the most sensitive part of the brain when alcohol is active. This is because this part of the brain is responsible for controlling memory and mood functions. Alcohol stimulates the body to produce an increased amount of serotonin and endorphins. To control emotions and feelings to relax and be happy

One study by the University of Chicago looked at the behavior of people responding to alcohol effects. From two groups of drinkers The first group were the ones who drank a little. With the other being the ones who drink heavy like drinking alcohol every day The results showed that the two groups of people reacted differently to alcohol. Those who drink and flip Tend to be heavy drinkers As for those who drink and are confused They tend to drink according to the occasion. But did not support him either

The researchers found that different people responded to blood alcohol differently. That makes alcohol respond differently to the brain. However, the interesting conclusion of this study found that In addition to the brain and the body's mechanisms, each person responds to alcohol differently. Hereditary factors also influence the response of alcohol.

The researchers found at least one gene in the human body. That are involved in the work of the brain Like memory and attention The variable function of this gene could put many people at risk of drinking alcohol for depression. And become addicted to drinking

Most of the time, people who want to get drunk when they are in distress Understand that getting drunk will help you sleep better. Sleep without knowing And the brain is not conscious enough to think twice Think about the suffering. When I wake up, I have a headache again. Not in the mood to think about pain These people have a tendency to drink in order to get through the difficult times under normal conditions.

Another hypothesis obtained from observing close people who are drunk due to heartbroken. What is easy and sounds reasonable is It depends on the mood when you get drunk. If the main reason why we want to drink until we fall asleep without knowing anything at all is when we are suffering. In part, the effect of alcohol motivates us to reveal stored emotions. Like drunk and revealing the dark side of the subconscious Because we don't have enough consciousness to control ourselves

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