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How much you eat is not fat, be careful, there may be 9 hidden diseases! [сообщение #455915] Срд, 07 Октябрь 2020 13:32 Переход к следующему сообщения
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Some people want to lose weight. But the weight does not go down easily, unlike some people who want to gain weight will die. But how much you eat is not fat!

1. Too many worms

If there is a lot of parasites in the body These worms will vie for the food we eat until we eat more and not get fat. Initially, we can observe the symptoms themselves that if they have persistent abdominal pain, frequent diarrhea, eating a lot of food but not gaining weight First, you may need to consult your doctor to examine the stool for intestinal worms. Which the doctor may try to take an antihistamine medication first In order to check that if the deworming is complete, how much symptoms will you eat? And if it still is, then other causes should be checked further.

2. Too much exercise

This case may be less, but not quite there. Because some people are addicted to exercise. You can call it free when you need to exercise, always sweat. Which in addition to making the body feel tired With some people still having symptoms of eating, it does not get fat.

3. Lack of nutrients

In the event that you are a health lover (the wrong kind), focus on eating mostly fruits and vegetables. As well as not focusing on eating flour or meat according to the proportion that the body deserves May cause the body to lack some essential nutrients Especially the nutrients, carbohydrates, protein and fat from meat. Which in addition to eating much, it is not fat May also have symptoms of fatigue and lack of energy

4. Thyroid poisoning

Hypothyroidism Or hyper thyroid It is caused by the level of endocrine hormones in the body. It may stimulate the metabolism and hormones associated with the body's energy expenditure to work excessively. This may be the cause of people who eat more and not get fat as well. So try to observe your own symptoms and see that Besides eating a lot, but not fat Do you have insomnia, easy diarrhea, bulging eyes, or an abnormally fast heartbeat? If symptoms match themselves in several conditions Suggest to see a doctor immediately to check again will be better

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