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Thailand is entering the Vegetarian Festival in the next few days, with the year 2020 running from the evening of Saturday 17th October to Sunday evening October 25th. Festival that Thai people are very popular Especially Thai people of Chinese descent In the area where the residents of overseas Chinese are intensely We saw yellow flags and red letters on the roadside. And finding food that is not so difficult
When the vegetarian festival we clearly see that it is a Chinese tradition for sure As for Thailand in many areas, there are also big and spectacular events. Many people wonder if the size of Thailand is still this big. And what will be the origin of the tradition in China? slotxo How big are we? But if we go to China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, we will not even see this festival, which means that the biggest vegetarian festival in Thailand. Most of the Chinese people do not know.

Traditional vegetarian festival from China But the Chinese do not know

In fact The festival actually originated in China, but in the past it was not widely used. It is a great Chinese New Year festival. That the Chinese people around the world celebrate great The great vegetarianism in Thailand comes from overseas Chinese who migrate to Southeast Asia.
As we all know how vast China is, each region is completely different. Even if it is a county in the north, south, east, west, in a very remote area, if the face does not look at China Or use a language that sounds like Chinese We will feel like we are a different country. Whether in language (Chinese dialect When talking differently, they will talk without knowing about each other. Therefore has a standard Mandarin language as an official language for people of all areas of China to communicate with each other), culture, beliefs and living
Therefore, vegetarianism in China is a local affair. Do not eat very well in Thai style Which Chinese people who eat vegetarian in China Most of them are Hokkien and Chaozhou residents of Fujian Province. Which is a coastal province in southeastern China During this group of Chinese people Migrated down the South China Sea to land in Southeast Asia. The southern regions of Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore have brought vegetarian traditions with them. It is assumed that mainland Chinese people have started immigration since the Ayutthaya period. With trade contacts with China
When combined with local culture Vegetarianism in Thailand has therefore become a custom for the descendants of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia. It is very organized in Thailand. The big festivities will be in Phuket, Songkhla, Phang Nga and Trang areas.
Conversely, vegetarianism in China has disappeared. Because during the Cultural Revolution in 1966, Communism tried to destroy the culture. Traditional traditions that have been passed down from the royal family, such as breaking textbooks Destroys almost everything that relates to ritual, culture and religion. Must be eradicated So the descendants had no chance to get to know this culture.

The beginning of the Vegetarian Festival in Thailand

When the vegetarian tradition from China entered the land of Thailand The festival was originally not called Vegetarian Festival, but it was called the 9th King of Festivals, which is Taoist worship. Worshiped for 9 days according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Starting from the first lunar day to the 9th lunar month 9
One historical record of the people of Phuket states that in the year 2368 Phraya Thalang, the ruler of Phuket. When moving the town to the Ket Ho area At that time, the area was forested. Rich in malaria Until later, there was an opera troupe from China to perform Then became ill The opera troupe therefore performed a vegetable eating ceremony. To worship the gods "Kiew Hong Tai Te" and "Yok Ong Song De" resulted in a miraculous cure for the sick. The tradition of eating vegetables has also been associated with disease and merit. So there was a ceremony to eat vegetables.
The first shrine that started the tradition of eating vegetables is Kathu Shrine or Aum Kathu. (Phuket people call the shrine "Aam") when they saw that the opera group had recovered from eating vegetables The villagers have faith. And perform a ritual of eating vegetables accordingly Starting from the first lunar day to the 9th lunar month 9 (according to the Chinese calendar) a total of 9 days and 9 nights annually to this day. It became the belief that Yom Kippur eat vegetables is merit-abstinence and good for health.
Therefore, the beginning of the Vegetarian Festival in Thailand It starts in Phuket as it comes from being linked to disease. It is believed that eating vegetables has more health benefits than meat. Before the overseas Chinese who lived elsewhere in Thailand started to have this festival all over the world. Spread to those people who do not have Chinese ancestry Because I feel that this is a tradition that is not bad, useful and worth following, in part because it is considered healthy eating. It is also a purification of the body and mind. Abstain from eating meat Considered to be kind to animals that must be human food.

Why is the Vegetarian Festival so prosperous in Thailand?
Since the overseas Hokkien Chinese migrating down to Southeast Asia are spread across territories such as Singapore, but this area was once ruled by England. Causing modern European society to swallow up old traditions Meanwhile, the overseas Hokkien Chinese living in Malaysia, Indonesia, are also Muslim countries, so the region that still holds a stable vegetarian lifestyle is southern Thailand. And hold a big celebration

For the center of the biggest vegetarian festival in Thailand And is well known to foreigners other than the Yaowarat district in Bangkok Is a festival to eat vegetables in Phuket It is also called Chia Cha, many Chinese people have emigrated to Phuket Island. Until here there are Chinese shrines as well as temples, each shrine will hold a worshiping ceremony for the gods throughout 9 days and 9 nights. Set off firecrackers loudly Including a fire wading ceremony To exorcise or send monks has become a tradition that has been passed down from generations to generations.

However, the largest vegetarian event in Phuket. We will see a very frightening activity called "the horse fair", with more than 2,000 so-called equestrian people coming out to torture themselves in remarkable and terrifying ways for the spectators, such as the cheekbones. Pierced the tongue with a spike Walk on shards of glass, walk through the fire, walk on the knife ladder. The objective is to exorcise the bad luck for the hibernate to eat vegetables. According to the belief that the gods "Kew Ong Tai Tae" who took the horses to be the victim instead

That is why all 9 days of the vegetarian festival Will refrain from eating all kinds of meat This includes animal products including milk, eggs, chicken, animal ingredients, and pungent vegetables and seasonings. In order to eat as naturally as possible The vegetarian food and drink will have a yellow flag embroidered on it as a symbol. Participants have to live in good morals, make merit, do not eat cigarettes and drink alcoholic beverages. For the strict Will refrain from insults, profanity, and dress in white For successful philanthropy

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