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"Online beggar" easy to earn from the pity of the philanthropist [сообщение #474428] Чтв, 10 Декабрь 2020 09:30 Переход к следующему сообщения
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Thai people "Philanthropy" is not lost to any country in the world. This matter has already been evident in everyone's eyes. Regardless of open donations to provide assistance to those in need, both Thai and foreign. There is often a lot of donations flowing into

But the pity of the Thai people has also become a "loophole" that allows criminals to take advantage. And before realizing that he was deceived Already wasted money and gold

Relying on philanthropy, easy living
Some people find it easy to earn from relying on the philanthropy of their fellow humans. slot joker wallet By posting a request for help on social media. Which we often see, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

How to see each other until familiar Is to post their own difficulties. The fate of repeated deeds to suffer a terrible fate. With illustration And ends with a request to donate money into a personal account

While some people may have stories that fit the situation To achieve more credibility, such as unemployment because of the COVID-19 poisoning causing the company to work lay off. When there is no job, no money Therefore came to post to request work To earn money to pay for the tuition fees Raise money to support family

If not posted on my own channel Often go into comments or comment on celebrity posts that are of interest to people. Or follow famous pages in order to hope that someone will see your own message And someone has compassion or pity Transfer some money into the account
Little money help Didn't think much

For the most part, people with good heart and compassion are willing to help the poor without reluctance. Because he sees that a little money, just 100-200 baht, can be used for life

Today it is much easier to transfer money than before, just go to the Mobile Banking app on your mobile phone. Can easily transfer money and more importantly, people who donate money are often not interested Or do not have time to check the details of whether the posting request for donations is true or scam.
Transfer money without thinking much.

When this is Thus giving these people the opportunity to make money comfortably, some of them received a large donation of tens of thousands, some even up to a million, until they changed their lives As is often seen in the news

Drama was born because he could catch a lampshade
As for the case that is dramatic until it is big news Often caused by suspicion of netizens who can catch pontoon Or saw the strange occurrence Therefore bringing together the truth to make up stories to deceive others or not

When being hunted for the truth Dig up the references If not defending himself to be saved Escaped Or if the truth binds up until it wrestles Must come out to apologize to society in accordance with the regulations

Don't choose jobs, don't be poor
Although the current economy is difficult to find work and money. Many have lost their jobs. Because the company closed Various expenses are still obligated to pay every month. But if you hold the motto "Don't choose work, don't be poor," no matter what, you will never starve.

Just be a hard worker to make a living Any profession can make money. Although the salary or wages may be small But there is still more honor than a simple living by being a "online beggar".

Opening hands, asking for money, asking for mercy from others Because they think that Thai people are easy to deceive Without thinking of struggling on their own first In addition to reducing your own honor and value It is also an insult to Thai people as well!
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