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Reasons why you should not "put water near the bed" when sleeping. [сообщение #499480] Срд, 30 Декабрь 2020 07:52 Переход к следующему сообщения
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In our body we need a lot of water. Drinking water is important in our daily life as well. In addition, water is also useful in the metabolism and excretory system, until the skin is also involved. Even in medicine Or internet data also suggests drinking 2.5 liters of water per day or 8-10 glasses, but some people can't drink that much water per day. For some people it has to be reminded of drinking water. And for convenience, a glass of water is placed beside the bed. Because it is easy to pick up and pour water, at least when you wake up in the morning.

But I don't know that putting a glass of water next to the bed is the wrong way. So we have briefly summarized the reasons why last night's no-nonsense drinking glasses were placed by the bedside. Because it might be something that some people overlook But at least when you know the reason Will understand why you shouldn't do it next time

1. If you pour water into a glass and leave it. And didn't drink any water Over time Dust and other foreign objects may fall in your glass. And when you drink it can have a dangerous effect on you. Therefore, do not pour the water into the glass overnight.

2. The drinking water that you pour into the glass and leave it overnight. The taste of the water may change. And sometimes it may even make the water smell. Fresh water every time you drink it Of course, water has to taste and smell better.

3. Another caution when pouring water into the glass. Because every time you sip or drink the water. The remaining water from the mouth will return to the glass. Which our mouths are full of bacteria and good sources of germs

4. The bedside table is a good place to store things that will be stacked almost all. And the presence of extra power sockets that are used regularly Caution: The power plug and the poured glass of water are also dangerous. If we accidentally put our hands into a glass of water until it spills into electrical equipment It may cause a dangerous electric shock.

5. The fact that we pour water into a glass overnight does not affect anything. Not just a changed taste But also to drink it, of course, that the negative effects on your body already. May allow us to drink less water as well

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