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Lampard was shocked when Chelsea ran into Atletico Madrid [сообщение #513484] Птн, 15 Январь 2021 11:33 Переход к следующему сообщения
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Coach Frank Lampard admitted, the Blues are unfortunate when they have to meet Atletico Madrid in the knockout round of the European Cup.
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Perfectly leading Group E with 14 points, Chelsea put relatively universal expectations in this season's C1 cup playing field there are quality additions. However, bet169 yesterday's lucky card ranked coach Lampard's army against Atletico Madrid, who played very well in La Liga.

Atletico Madrid is carrying the famous striker Luis Suarez and Diego Costa (an old man of Chelsea). The team led by Simeone led each Liverpool round of 16 teams in the European Cup last season.

shared with the reporter after the draw, Lampard said: "I think people will remind you that this is the top difficult match that the Blues fall into, such as Observing the current form of Atletico in La Liga as well as European territorial level.

However, we always have confidence in ourselves. If you want to claim the C1 Cup, the Trainer needs to win all the strong teams.

As for Atletico Madrid, people will find they are top of La Liga. Last year, Atletico Liverpool had a consistent, quality and experienced squad.

TV101 In theory, Atletico Madrid was the most dangerous rivalry before the draw that the Blues could face.

However, the Blues will try their best to make their work affordable and confident in them. "

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