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What is gonorrhea in men and what are the symptoms? [сообщение #513563] Пнд, 18 Январь 2021 08:35 Переход к следующему сообщения
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Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted disease in both women and men. If not hurry to treat early Will cause the reproductive system in the body to be abnormal And have many side effects that follow

In this article, we will talk about gonorrhea that occurs in men. What are the symptoms And how are there any treatments?

Definition of gonorrhea
Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a bacterial infection in secretions found in both the female and male genitals, including the anus, cervix, and urethra.
Therefore, gonorrhea is transmitted mainly through sexual intercourse. Whether it is insertion of the genitals Or oral sex In addition, gonorrhea can also be transmitted from mother to child through natural methods.
Natural birth is an opportunity to contaminate the mucous membrane of the mother's vagina to the conjunctiva of the baby during labor.
However, the gonorrhea cannot be transmitted through hugging and kissing. Or the use of common items

Types of gonorrhea
Gonorrhea is a type of gonorrhea that is caused by an infection with the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria. It is a bacteria that grows well in warm organs and Moist, such as the eyes, throat, urethra, vagina, and anus
Non Gonococcal Urethritis (NSU) is caused by Chlamydia trachomatis (Chlamydia trachomatis) infection, which is also transmitted through sexual intercourse.
Symptoms of gonorrhea in men
Gonorrhea occurred in both male patients, both true gonorrhea and chlamydia. The symptoms are as follows.

1. Symptoms of gonorrhea in men
Symptoms of gonorrhea often do not appear initially after infection. Therefore, male patients may not be aware that I am currently infected, however symptoms of gonorrhea in some patients may appear 1-2 weeks after being infected.

The early symptoms of gonorrhea are:

Sore throat
Feeling pain or burning of the genitals while urinating
Often sudden urination
Have yellow liquid or mucus The green color is like pus coming out of the penis.
The tip of the genitals has a rash Or red patches Combined with itching, irritation
Sore testicles
If you have these symptoms, the patient is still not in a hurry to see a doctor for diagnosis. It may be at risk of many complications, which can cause symptoms in the reproductive system. And the urethra is worse than before
In addition, true gonorrhea patients are often infected with chlamydia. Treatment of true gonorrhea is therefore required to treat chlamydia as well.

2. Symptoms of chlamydia in men
The timing in which chlamydia manifests itself is no different from true gonorrhea, that is, symptoms are not initially expressed. Until about 1-3 weeks after infection. Symptoms of the disease will begin to show, including
Stinging Like stinging, burning during urination
Have yellow liquid or mucus Or green color coming from the genitals
Pain, pain in the lower abdomen
Sore testicles
If these symptoms occur, the patient is not rushed to seek treatment. The patient's genitals may contain fluid. The mucus is clear, yellow or green, or has increased genital bleeding.
In addition to the symptoms that occur in the genital area. If a patient is infected with chlamydia, an eye or throat infection, symptoms will also be present.

Swollen eyes
Itchy irritation
Pus coming out of the eyes
Are sensitive to light
Sore throat
feel dry
Have a high fever
Chronic cough
In addition, gonorrhea patients can develop other complications because the gonorrhea causes inflammation in other organs such as eye inflammation, testicular inflammation, urethritis. Have urinary incontinence
Sometimes visiting a doctor with genital problems There are various disorders That happened to the genitals. Or sexually transmitted diseases can be embarrassing
But now has good technology I have come to help, especially online doctor consultation (video call) to get an initial consultation first. Without having to actually travel to see the doctor itself

Treatment of gonorrhea in men
Doctors usually treat both types of gonorrhea by taking antibiotics. Together with injectable antibiotics is Azitromycin (Azithromycin) with Ceftriaxone (Certriaxone).
The need for both antibiotics in combination due to the high current incidence of drug resistance.
In addition, patients are advised to have their sexual partner be examined and treated at the same time, whether they are a female sexual partner. Or even male And should refrain from having sex until the symptoms of the disease improve

Usually gonorrhea symptoms get better after about 2 weeks of treatment, but patients still need to visit with their doctor every time until their doctor confirms that The symptoms of the disease have completely recovered. Including other complications Must be better too

How to prevent gonorrhea in men
To protect yourself during sex is The main heart that can prevent true gonorrhea. And chlamydia

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