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Long sitting can have a direct negative effect on the brain. [сообщение #513488] Птн, 15 Январь 2021 13:44 Переход к следующему сообщения
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This is another reason why you should have a standing desk. This is because sitting for several hours can cause less blood flow to the brain. Today we should be physically active regularly throughout the day. Research indicates that sedentary behavior increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. It also includes obesity. Some cancers Or even premature death as well A recent study in the UK explains how the human brain is related to lack of exercise, and fortunately, researchers have a solution to this problem.

The scientists used ultrasound to examine the brains of 15 participants while working, divided into three 4-hour intervals. Initially, the participants had to sit for four hours without interference. In the second, they sat to work for two hours and took a break to walk on the treadmill for eight minutes, before returning to their desks and sitting for another two hours. In the third period, they had to stand up every 30 minutes for a two minute brisk walk on the track. As a result, people who did not get up in four hours had less blood flow to the brain. Those who got up while seated had increased blood flow, but when they returned to their desks and sat for another two hours, they found that their blood flow was lower than when they started. What about those who walk a lot during that time? Their brains have higher blood flow than when they started. In conclusion, walking more often for just two minutes at a time can now prevent the effects of less blood flow to the brain because our brain needs blood to be fed regularly. The blood contains oxygen and other beneficial nutrients, for this reason, although the blood flow levels are reduced for a short time, they can affect human thought processes and memory. This means that sitting for a long time can have a negative effect on both your health and productivity. Therefore, periodic leg movements, such as sitting with your legs raised and lowered, may solve this problem or invest in a standing desk. But if you don't have it, try these simple exercises from your desk. Change your sitting position often. And try to use the stairs as often as possible Also, regularly eat blueberries to stimulate your brain or take brisk walking for just two minutes for your good health.

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