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Negotiation Business and negotiations in daily life. Learn to keep going! [сообщение #513687] Чтв, 21 Январь 2021 08:00
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Explain the benefits as Negotiation By offering various benefits That the other party will receive To help make decisions faster Get good results because everyone Would like to have instead of losing, including
- "You have already known the many benefits that will be achieved. I believe you will accept such a good offer. "
-``In conclusion, now I just follow the same method first. In the future, it will develop itself. "
-``If you listen to me in this matter I will listen to you on other matters. Likewise. "

Negotiation Various benefits That the other party will receive To help make decisions faster
Keep it off

Art of negotiation Sometimes it has to be a little puffed up and prevented ...

- "As far as I know The salary rate for a person in a role like me is around 40,000 baht. I feel that the current salary I get is a bit low and with many years of experience. Including various works My past I think the standard salary of 40,000 baht is more appropriate. "

Business negotiation
Can threaten if necessary ...

It is a negotiation that makes the other person fear and think. Decide ...

-``I think if you choose to manage like this In the future, you must have difficulty. "
-``I think you have to hurry. Because of the person who will be taking the duty for me Would not be easy to say, easy to use like me, for sure "
-``If you give up on losing your future I don't know how to warn. "
-``If you're not in a hurry to decide right now I think the events may soon turn around. Would you really take that much risk? "
-``If you haven't cleared this up yet I saw that I would have to deal with the regulations of the company. I think you definitely don't want that, right? "

Forbidden negotiation speech
Forbidden negotiation speech Say it, but lose and lose!

- "I feel like you're taking advantage of me" (This one sounds more serious than negotiating)
-``The boss knows that I have a lot of burden. Therefore, he came to ask for a little more salary increase from the boss. "
- "At other companies, they give a higher salary." (Boss probably said in his mind that "Then invite you to work at another company.")
- "I think this price is too expensive compared to the shop next door" (the seller may ask back " "And why ... don't buy the shop next door?")

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