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With the advances made in many industries, all jobs have been influenced by the world of modernity and are moving towards progress and progress according to the methods and technology of the world. In all industries in the business world, advanced devices and devices have been invented that make things easier and faster. As in other areas of advertising and marketing, much has been made of it, and nowadays it is attempted to display advertising in an urban setting so as to establish a visual and intimate connection with the audience and to draw attention to the text and advertising message. . Significant advances have been made in the field of signage, and today, with the advent of advanced machines such as laser cutting machine, phantachrome plating machine, printing machine, engraving machine, ... it is possible to build various billboards so that customers can choose the type of billboard. They get confused. Signboarding is one of the top advertising methods used by any type of trade and is almost an integral part of the advertising field. There are many different types of paneling, including chelium, panel, composite panel, thermo panel, light box panel, neon panel, LED panel, flexi board, banner, billboard. In this post we are going to discuss the pixel panel briefly.

Pixel Panel:
The panel is a panel pixel capable of producing 16 million colors and has pixels at regular distances, which are state-of-the-art pixels, capable of displaying full-color effects, animations and texts and contain Light switching is a program that allows you to program light and how each letter is displayed individually.
What is a Pixel?
The images consist of three main colors of blue, green and red that combine these three colors to create different colors, called the three colors of pixels, each image consisting of a large number of pixels and each pixel containing three cells. The colors are green, blue and red meaning RGB.
Types of pixels:

Chelenium tableau

Fixed LED Panel

Movable LED Panel

Lightbox Box

Urban TV

Types of Pixels:

Square Pixels:

One of the components of modern lighting that produces pixels is a square pixel made of full color, capable of playing film, animation and advertising texts, and can serve as the backdrop for a variety of advertising boards, such as the Chelenium pixels. It can also be used on composite facades, thermo-wood and metal sheets.Square Pixel Body Material:

The body is polycarbonate, so it is highly resistant to UV radiation and adverse weather conditions and does not become opaque or discolored.

Square Pixel Layout Density:

Square pixels are available in both SMD and LED models with dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5 with pixel density of 8 * 8, 10 x 10 and 11 x 11 can be fully waterproof. Pixels have blocks available in two models of 3 and 4 pixels.

Square pixel specifications:

0.5 voltage power consumption

1Pixel DIP LED Compression with Full Color Display Type

Model IP65

Has a life of 80 / 000H

Circular Pixels:

Circular pixels are also available in full color in 50 categories. These pixels have digital controllers that can be easily programmed to suit your taste and needs. They are waterproof and have a diameter of 12 mm. If you want to use these pixels to create billboards on different surfaces, such as MDF or Thermodo boards or Plexiglas, you can create 12mm holes by using a laser cutter or CNC cutter to create pixels. Place it there. The circular pixels contain 4 conductor wires, including positive, negative, data, and clock wires, which are used to connect to the controller to control the color and light emitted by the pixels.

The light intensity of the circular pixels is 1600mcd and have a viewing angle of 120 degrees depending on how the panel works. Each row in a circular pixel has 50 pixels. On the two ends are 4-pin connectors that can connect multiple threads. The voltage of the circular pixels is 5 volts and the current consumption of each pixel is 40 mm.

Finger Pixels:

The fingerprint is made up of an 8mm 8-color tri-color LED and a full color IC with a plastic body that has a resin and IP67 protective grade, which is completely waterproof. The colors emitted by these LEDs contain three colors: red, green and blue. The icons used on the fingerprint pixel panel are easily adjustable by a controller that lets you play and move color animations, and you can apply neat animation effects to these pixels. The disadvantage of fingerprinting is that because of the small number of pixels it is not possible to implement high quality imaging but if it is larger in size and installed in places such as building facades containing composite facades it has better quality. Of course, in urban TV, the quality is also higher. Fingerprints are sold in 50 batches.

Finger Pixel Specifications:

It has 50 handles

It has data and power sockets at the beginning and end of the thread

The point to note when installing a finger pixel is usually the wire that is used to make these pixels is not pure copper, so install a power cord for every 25 pixels so that the pixels do not drop voltage and damage.

How to set up installation of finger pixels:

In this way all wiring is done through the socket. Pixels with 50 batches contain an input data socket at the first pixel and an output data socket at the last pixel, and you need to connect the pixel input data to the controller data in order to be able to connect the pixels to the controller. Connect, but if you need a cable of more than half a meter to five meters in length, you should use antenna shield with a high number of shields, then connect the cable head to the data and shield to the negative power pole. But if the area is over 5 meters, you need to use two-way industrial data.

Finger Pixels Power:

Voltage required is 5 finger pixels, which means 80 mA pe



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