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6 NCDs that have the potential for complications and severe symptoms due to COVID-19 [сообщение #513888] Втр, 26 Январь 2021 08:23
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Warn people with NCDs or chronic non-communicable diseases, if infected with COVID-19 has a higher chance of complications and severe symptoms.
Chronic non-communicable diseases (Non-Communicable Diseases) or NCDs refers to a group of diseases that are not caused by infection. Or from germs Not transmitted through contact or through a carrier (carrier) but caused by deterioration of the body. And partly from the careless lifestyle behavior by NCDs if infected with COVID-19 and the risk of severe symptoms. What diseases are there? And how to prevent Away from the NCDs, let's go and find answers at the same time


Is a disease caused by disorders of blood sugar control This causes blood sugar levels to be higher than they should be on a continuous basis. This disease is caused by lifestyle habits. If it is then it cannot be cured.
Symptoms of people with diabetes are frequent urination. Especially at night And thirsty than usual Losing weight more than usual And numb hands and feet If the diabetic eye Blurred vision may occur
Diabetes can be prevented by controlling dietary habits. Avoid sugary foods such as soft drinks, sweetened beverages and desserts by reducing the amount you eat. Or reduce the amount of sugar They may also exercise to help lower blood sugar levels.

Is a condition in which blood pressure values ​​are higher than normal, equal or greater than 140/90 Millimeter of mercury The normal pressure should be less than 120/80 mm Hg.
The risk factors associated with developing hypertension are age over 35, having a parent, sibling, or hypertension or diabetes. And lifestyle changes such as lack of exercise, obesity, chronic stress Drinking alcohol, smoking, and eating foods that are very salty.
Prevention of hypertension should reduce weight, reduce the amount of salt in the diet. Do not drink alcohol. Exercise regularly And known to let go and not be stressed
Cerebrovascular disease

Also known as paralysis, paralysis occurs from the brain ischemia due to the narrowing Clogged blood vessels Or broken blood vessels Resulting in brain tissue damage May be the cause of disability Or death And can happen at any gender and age
Important risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood cholesterol. Have a direct relative who suffers a stroke Lack of exercise, overweight, smoking, etc.
Methods for preventing stroke include eating a complete diet of 5 food groups and avoiding salty foods. Diet with high fat, exercise, weight control, no smoking, no alcohol, sugar control, blood pressure control. To be in the appropriate criteria and have regular annual health checks.
Heart disease

Heart disease is one of the leading cause of death in Thailand, most often affecting people of the middle age and older, and it can occur for a number of reasons.
Most of the causes of heart disease come from everyday life habits. Risky behaviors are the most effective. "Smoking" because more than 7,000 toxins in cigarettes block the oxygen delivery of red blood cells. Causing the heart to not receive enough oxygen Resulting in the heart to work harder Of which nicotine Carbon monoxide in cigarettes It will increase the viscosity of the platelet and cause blood clots. The coronary artery is blocked. Causing a heart attack Other risk factors that lead to heart disease include high blood pressure. Have abnormal lipids in the blood Have diabetes Metabolic syndrome Do not exercise Not eating fruits and vegetables And have accumulated stress
You can prevent heart disease by eating a healthy diet. Avoid foods high in fat and cholesterol, such as lean meats. Processed meat Foods and desserts containing butter, cheese, cream, cakes, and bakeries. Eat more fiber, such as brown rice, vegetables, fruit, and less sugar. Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes, 3-5 times a week. Keep your weight in the proper range, refrain from drinking tea, coffee, all kinds of alcoholic beverages and smoking.

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