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8 ways to deal with body odor problems For you to regain your confidence [сообщение #519849] Птн, 05 Март 2021 09:48
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Body odor is one of the most distracting problems for many people as it can weaken their confidence. It creates a lot of anxiety in everyday life. The problem of body odor can be caused by a number of reasons, but mainly due to the accumulation of sweat that comes together with bacteria. Becoming fat until causing an unpleasant smell Where the area is often the accumulation of sweat and bacteria is In the crooked areas such as the armpits, groin, occipital and inconvenient sweat spots such as the scalp

As for the reason why the area under the armpits is the main point of body odor Because the armpit has Per mooprocaine Which will release pheromones Which is a chemical that the body produces As a result, sweat out in the armpits will have a high protein content. Becoming a good food source of bacteria Causing bacteria to expand faster As a result, the armpit area has a stronger odor than other areas of the body.

How to treat and prevent body odor

1. Must always maintain the cleanliness of the body. Especially the area under the armpit To reduce the accumulation of sweat and bacteria With soap or cleaning products that have antibacterial properties

2. Shaving armpits can help reduce the odor as well. Because armpit hair is a accumulator of sweat Bacteria And various impurities Reduce the time of bacterial growth. Which is the cause of the smell And the smell might be more intense than usual

3. Wear clothes that are clean and fresh. Dry in the sun completely. Do not wear the same clothes for a long time. Because it is a source of accumulation of sweat Bacteria and fungi because odors accumulate on the clothes that are worn. And also on the body

4. Wear clothes with light texture. Good ventilation will help reduce the accumulation of sweat and bacteria.

5. Try to avoid foods that have strong odors such as garlic, onions, spices, beans, durian, butter, as they may stimulate trim ethylamine, a chemical that causes body odor.

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