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We hear this word all day long and every day that most of us don't drink enough water. I know it, but we don't pay much attention to it. Therefore, we may have to start observing our own health. The adult body is typically 55-60% water content, and when the body is dehydrated, it sends a warning that it is time to check the water level, just like a car. And the following are symptoms of not drinking enough water.

Lotion can not solve the problem of dry skin.
It is normal for our skin to change according to the season. In winter, our skin may feel dull and lifeless. Due to the lack of oil in your skin, it should be nourished by products containing oil such as moisturizers, etc.You should also drink water if you don't want to become dehydrated!

Dry, sticky mouth and frequent feeling of thirst
When you don't drink enough water Your mouth and tongue will become extra dry and sticky. But some people may ignore this warning. The solution is that you should drink water to make up for the lost fluid. (Did you know that when your mouth is dry? Bad breath will follow!) But if your dry mouth and thirstyness continue to increase, you may need to see a doctor.

Have a headache
You will experience throbbing headaches that you cannot concentrate on other things and your patience will start to weaken. Fortunately, drinking water can help prevent and treat these symptoms. National Headache Foundation (United States) states that headache is, in fact, a common sign of low to moderate dehydration, and insufficient fluid intake can trigger a migraine! Therefore, you should drink fluids when you have a headache, and you should avoid sports drinks or sugary drinks as they can exacerbate dehydration.

Feeling tired all the time
You should get enough sleep every night. But if you're still feeling drained all the time, it's likely that you're dehydrated. Fatigue can have a serious negative effect on your health and concentration. You will feel clumsy and vulnerable to an accident. However, this problem can be solved by drinking adequate water throughout the day.

Weight gain
Believe it or not, increased waist circumference can be a warning sign that you don't drink enough water. Studies have shown that drinking 500 milliliters (approximately 17 ounces) of water increases metabolism by 30 percent. In addition, drinking water can also help people lose weight or control their weight. Experts believe that even low levels of dehydration send mixed signals to your brain to make you think you are hungry when all you really need is water. Drinking 1-2 glasses of water before a meal will make you feel full and Preventing food from being eaten when the body only needs water.

Our bodies need fluids to pass waste to the digestive tract. Therefore, if you do not drink enough water, it can lead to dehydration and lead to chronic constipation. Ideally, you should drink water frequently to prevent digestive-related diseases. After increasing water intake, it is important to observe the change that occurs. If it does not improve, you should see your doctor for further solutions.

Urinary tract inflammation
Urinary tract infections can occur for a number of reasons, but most often they occur after bacteria enter our body through sex or using a paper towel from back to front when running errands in the bathroom. Another major cause of urolithiasis is dehydration. Drinking water will help flush bacteria from your bladder and prevent internal inflammation. Other warning signs that we drink too little water can be from a very dark urine color to less pain in urination.

Feeling irritable and mood swings
Bad mood? You might be shocked to hear that drinking water can change your mood from hand to back. Dehydration can also make you unable to concentrate and make you feel frustrated. So next time if you're in a bad mood and don't understand why Try drinking a glass of water. (Or two!) And your mood will improve.

Cramps can be annoying, frustrating, and painful.Usually, people choose stretching or massage treatments to relieve them. But you actually have a much easier way. Studies have shown a relationship between dehydration and cramping. Blood flow slows down when we drink too little water. As the body is compensating for dehydration, fluid is transported from the muscles to protect the vital organs. The cramping is more severe if your sodium and potassium levels begin to change as a result of sweating. For this reason, we should drink plenty of water every day, especially on hot days or when we exercise.

How to know if you are drinking enough water
Although most people are familiar with the standard recommendation to drink at least 8 ounces of water every day, modern studies have focused on needs that depend on gender and body size. For example, a male 190cm tall may find that eight glasses of water a day are insufficient, while a woman taller 145cm may feel excessive. However, if you sweat, increase your water intake accordingly and use common sense. If you feel that too much, you should respect your own judgment. Remember, when you feel thirsty, you are likely to be dehydrated. So if your mouth feels dry, just drink 1-2 glasses of water is enough!

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