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Coffee has health benefits If you drink the right way [сообщение #521005] Пнд, 08 Март 2021 12:36
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Kaef is beneficial to the body. If you drink properly As we are going to bring you friends to know from now on If anyone wants to know, please come and read!

Hello all my friends. Come back to meet each other on a daily basis as usual with good stories. For this article It is a health article that we would like to arrange for everyone. Especially people in the working age period Because we believe that you can not always lack the service. Many people wake up in the morning before driving out to work, they have to drink at least one drink, and when in the afternoon they start to feel sleepy. And if there is a late night cycling, there may be a third one. But you know that drinking too much coffee can have a negative impact on health as well, such as heart palpitations, insomnia, etc. Therefore, if we want to drink the Internet for the best benefits for our body. What should I do? If anyone wants to know, you must try to follow and read.

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# 1. Drink cafes with good quality food.
Little research in food and nutrition has revealed that drinking coffee with good quality foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, fiber and good fats is beneficial for health. Because these foods will help slow down the absorption of caffeine into the body. As a result, our body absorbs a little bit of caffeine. Along with nutrients This causes the body's need for caffeine each day to decrease. Therefore, we don't want to drink Kef often. Therefore, I would like to recommend you to sip the coffee together with a healthy snack such as eggs or Tuna.

# 2. Drink coffee before exercising.
A good reason why we want to give your friends a drink before exercise is because caffeine stimulates the body to burn excess energy. Drinking coffee before exercise can help reduce belly fat. Fat that accumulates in the nape of the thighs, also known as cellulite. As for the right amount of drinking, we recommend that you drink 1 cup before exercise. Do not be more than that as it can cause palpitations, the risk of a sudden heart attack.

# 3. Choose the best black coffee.
It is well known that creamer and sugar can make us fat. And can increase blood sugar levels Many people like to drink coffee without realizing that in addition to being addicted to caffeine, they are also addicted to the sweetness of sugar. That makes when the casserole is perfectly blended with sugar, creating a mellow taste and aroma that is hard to resist. But if you want to reduce your coffee drinking down This is a drink for drowsiness and to quench your craving for caffeine, and we would like to recommend you to drink the black tea as much as possible. Because this is a coffee without sugar and creamer. It may be difficult to eat because it is quite bitter. But you can drink it with slow sip. Which will make your eyes brighter and don't want to check it out often in the day

# 4. Drink high quality coffee.
Many of my friends may not know before that most of the farming work is that farmers will use chemicals to be involved in quite a bit, whether it is a killer drug and chemical fertilizers. Consumers are at risk of exposure to chemical residues from the cultivation process, so we would like to bring you friends that if possible, make friends choose to go to a shop that uses caffa seeds that are cultivated by the Org method Which will undoubtedly benefit and safe health. It also smells and tastes better than the seeds obtained from traditional cultivation as well.

# 5. Drink cafes at the right time.
The advice of a nutritionist says We shouldn't drink coffee after 2 p.m. Because it can affect your sleep well And if you want to drink coffee in the afternoon We would like to recommend you to drink cafes with less caffeine and sugar content such as coffee latte, cappuccino and americano, etc., drinking coffee 3 in 1.
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