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Usually when awake People tend to get up to keep the body awake from sleep. But when it's cold According to the survey, most people, 70-80% will have problems with ischemic stroke. Heart and blood vessels This will occur during 6-10 o'clock and is the cause of the head dizziness or blur.

So the first thing you should do After waking up Not an rise Because the body, which has been in a rested state for several hours, has to move, the nervous system is rapidly activated. For the elderly, it will result in the ability to adjust to slow down. Causing high blood pressure And when the body sleeps all night The blood will be more viscous. And there is a chance that blood clots increase.

What to do after waking up For people over 40

1. Turn on the bed head light To awaken the eyes
Turning on the lights at the head of the bed in the morning when waking Will help the body feel awake Or to open the curtains and open the windows to get the sunlight and the morning air Will make the body feel more energetic

2. Take 10 minutes to wake up.
- Move the pelvic muscles for 3 minutes.

Method: Lie down on the floor. Then split both legs about the shoulder Place both hands on the body naturally. Then focus on the pelvic muscles. Let it expand Then whispers to shrink and repeat for 3 minutes

- Give a 2 minute stomach massage
The first thing we should do is not get out of bed. But a stomach massage This will cause the stomach, spleen, gallbladder and other organs in the body to be stimulated.

Method: Place both hands face down on the chest area. Then use your fingers to massage slowly. And slide down to the bottom of the navel Then scrolled back up Repeat this for about 20 times.

Which is how the director of the Institute of Medicine oncology Dr. Wang Zhemin said He does this every morning. The method is based on theory and is confirmed. The doctor said, "His grandmother used this method for treatment. Which made Grandma sleep well And also do it before bedtime Then he left this world peacefully at the age of 99 "

- Massage the acupuncture points 5 minutes

Method: Use your thumb to press the area of ​​Zhushanli, San Injiao, Qiwushi, Heku, and Nei Wan for about 1 minute, massage on both sides.

3. Drink a glass of water
Drinking a glass of water After waking up It stimulates the circulatory system as well. Help wake your body up. Which doctors specialize in sleep Doctor Gao Xiheng It is recommended to drink 1 glass of water in the morning. Because it is very important

Because when you sleep The body is dehydrated through the skin, breath, or even urine. And when awake, it will be in a state of dehydration Therefore, drinking water in the morning after waking up. Will help replace the lost water And water that should be drunk Should be room temperature water Not hot or cold water Because water that is too hot or too cold will stimulate the stomach

And this is what we should do after waking up. Follow these instructions Especially those with heart disease High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol. Or blood clots And for people over 40 years old

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