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That's a very good build [сообщение #464164] Чтв, 19 Ноябрь 2020 12:48 Переход к следующему сообщения
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Definitely got what you were going for NBA 2K21 MT. Its a crazy fun build too. I opted for 10 playmaking badges now around so I might put a lil more stats in shield because I left my guy briefer, but I made one just like yours in 20 and it might do everything and grab bodies with the best of em.That's what I've been using and that I was miserable when I found this yellow/red no longer has contact dunks. I'm rocking a two way finisher red/blue.

I'm having a lot of fun with this build too so far really glad I left it have not brought it into the playground yet but after I am badged up etc it will be insane.My badge spread is 1/21/21/10 had to make sure that I had a good quantity of def badges for my insufficient height.I made blake griffin build from when he was leaping over cars and whatnot.

Not really sure yet. But I'm hyped that I have that many and do not need to use any on QuickDraw haha. And silver quantity shot. That's off the top of my head tho, could be missing a badge I would like to have.Just keep grinding and the work will pay off.

It really is. I have seen others use different variations with this build. But maybe not exactly how I made it. So I maintain the specific tweaks to myself. I feel like perpendicular has slept on. So when I receive my gym rat badge. His vertical is going to be a 99. Looking ahead.

Thank you for the reassurance, I was actually racking my mind on choosing which construct to Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins select. Last year I used offensive threat and I was planning to select scoring machine this moment, but I wanted something different. I get hof shooting and finishing badges, 84 forcing by dip, 83 midrange and 79 three pointer. I am trash right now with no badges and it's very hard to make any shots. I believed I would regret making this build and spending all my VC to place him 85 and he is still hot garbage.
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