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Simple smartphone techniques before they become negative [сообщение #480766] Втр, 15 Декабрь 2020 12:34 Переход к следующему сообщения
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"Mobile phone" or "smart phone", the 33rd human organ in the 21st century for communication. Create connections, do business or entertain But these different technologies, if not used properly, it will become a 2-edged sword that will hurt ourselves. Like the behavior of many people in this technology that is used for entertainment too. Or addicted to the phone until it affects daily life Because of the fact that something useful Able to build skills and knowledge It comes in the form of an app that is more important than entertainment.

Impact of smartphone use all the time

User impact
The overuse of the smartphone becomes the 33rd organ that you carry all the time, no matter what you do. It has many disadvantages, such as spending time watching YouTube until there is no time to do other things. Or chat during working hours causing delay work Including reduced work efficiency
As for health Playing on the phone before bed will affect your eyes, brain and sleep. In addition, being with social media too much has become "Social addiction" can also affect our mental state as well.

Impact on others
The impact of having a smartphone on hand all the time will keep us focused solely on the phone. And being careless that resulted in an accident on the road Accidents on the corridor Or create dissatisfaction with those around you For example Walking around with your phone that may cause you to stumble, fall, or hit an object. Sometimes we may unknowingly walk in and hinder other people following us. Including talking on the phone or laughing loudly in the train, causing distraction of other people around the passenger.

4 techniques that won't cause problems with our smartphones

1. Use it properly and focus on time.
It is true that playing games, playing social media, or watching video clips will have knowledge coming in all the time when we consume it, but if we use it too much it can have a negative effect on ourselves. Our first goal is to focus on adapting our usage habits to more situations and needs. Like not using it while driving, walking down the stairs or taking public transport
Like the current Social Media Detox trend, many people are removing social media applications from their smartphones. To turn their attention to those around them and live more real life

2. Make use of all round benefits
If we bring a smartphone to fit our needs, we will see a lot of benefits for ourselves because it can actually do more than play games, watch videos or play social media. Try changing the category from Game? Entertainment Come as a category that has never been interested before You may find many applications that are useful. Time management apps for school age, working age, improving health like measuring calories, walking during the day or while exercising. Or an application that helps in finding work

3. Use it for learning and enhancing skills.
We can learn all the time, whether through playing video games or watching movies, listening to music. But how good would it be if we could learn and develop only in our areas of interest? More importantly, we can learn for free through various channels such as listening to podcasts where people share work stories, open YouTube, find new educational videos, join our career group on Facebook or apply for online courses. From universities around the world that teach us techniques that may be useful to work, we can develop ourselves free of charge.

4.Use it creatively
Social Media allows us to connect with people all over the world. Instead of just for personal entertainment or talking We can be a part of using online media to create benefit or happiness for others. It's easy to start by sharing useful and accurate information. Write motivational status Or make a group to share and do good things together with friends on Social Media to benefit people with needs or problems.

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