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PM 2.5 dust and unexpected dangers to the "skin" [сообщение #513402] Чтв, 14 Январь 2021 08:34
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During the COVID-19 epidemic, we may forget about dust. But in fact, PM 2.5 dust remains constant. Not gone anywhere And at some point it may be very dangerous And does not cause harm just from inhalation But just contact with the skin Can be dangerous as well

Dr. Kanokwan Sethapongwanich, MD. Dermatologists and beauty specialists state that our skin problems can be caused by two factors: internal and external. Which internal factors are related to our body systems such as eating, digestive system, rest, mood and stress. The external factors that affect the skin can be categorized into five factors: alcohol consumption, smoking, hot showers, sunlight and air pollution. Sunlight and air pollution are both more serious factors that can harm the skin compared to other causes.

PM 2.5 dust and harm to the skin
Today, our world is increasingly prone to air pollution. Even during this time, our country is experiencing problems with PM 2.5 above the standard. Since PM 2.5 dust is smaller than 2.5 microns, which is 20 times smaller than human pores, it can easily penetrate into pores. And affect the skin directly depending on the level of concentration And the time of exposure to PM 2.5 dust can be divided into 2 phases:

Acute phase Causing inflammation Irritation of the skin Makes the skin lose moisture balance because PM 2.5 can destroy the epidermis cells. Or the epidermis (Epidermis) and destroy the protein Philaggrin (Filaggrin) that is responsible for protecting the skin (epidermal barrier protein).

Chronic phase is caused by long-term exposure to PM 2.5 dust, PM 2.5 dust will stimulate free radicals to interfere with skin cells. Causing the skin to deteriorate faster than usual Destroys collagen Makes the skin wrinkled, wrinkles, stimulates the skin to produce pigmentation, the cause of freckles and dark spots.

Skin protection and care tips To reduce the risk of dust from PM 2.5

Avoid exposure to PM 2.5 dust as much as possible, or as little exposure as we can. Especially in people with low skin immunity or people with skin disease already. Will have to take care and protect yourself a lot By wearing long-sleeved clothes, long legs, hats, glasses to hide our skin from exposure to PM 2.5 dust particles, put another level of dust mask.

Take care of your skin when you get home. Hurry and wash your skin thoroughly. Rejuvenate your skin with a detox product once a week. By choosing products that are anti-oxidant properties that contain vitamin C. Vitamin E contains vitamin E to help strengthen the skin health.

Scrub to stimulate the shedding of dead skin cells once a week. Recommend to choose a type that is a gentle formula. Does not cause any irritation to the skin.
Add moisture to the skin with a moisturizing cream. And strengthen the skin's protective barrier By using skin protection products from the sun. Which acts as a thin film Anti-dust coating can be in direct contact with the skin. Choose a product that does not leave excess oil. Does not clog pores. And a mixture of natural extracts

Make the body healthy To increase immunity to pollution Because when our bodies are weak When exposed to germs or dust, it is easy to get sick.
Choose foods that are beneficial to the body, including fruits and vegetables.
Refrain from doing outdoor activities or exercising Which can change to exercise indoors instead
Get enough sleep
Drink plenty of clean water during the day.

Thank you

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