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I am too worried about others. For example, when a friend has been abandoned by her girlfriend, I might do something to express my condolences about the end of the relationship. I cried as if I was a abandoned person. That's because I feel the most empathy for other people. My mood depends on the mood of those around me. If all around me is very comfortable and happy, I am also very comfortable and happy. But if they are not happy, I will suffer too. I may seem like a good-hearted person. But I feel very tired all the time. Empathy for others means accepting the emotions of others, even if you don't want or have nothing to do with it. In other words, it sucks and that's why.

1. I try not to hurt other people. Even if it wasn't on purpose, I still feel guilty.
If you are very empathetic, you will not want to hurt them because you know how much pain they will be. So you try not to hurt anyone. But if you accidentally hurt someone else, you will feel a lot of guilt and absorb that pain and endlessly hate yourself. You will only blame yourself and consider yourself to be so mean. Worse yet, you feel that you have to pay it back, even though it's not your fault. More importantly, you will never be happy again.

2. I feel it is my responsibility to make the people with me comfortable. But in fact it makes me extremely tired.
When I go out with a group of friends and feel that some of them are awkward or uncomfortable. I'm going to make that person feel better, which is really inevitable. I try to help and ease other people's uncomfortable or uncomfortable feelings, or even create simple conversations, but most of the time I have been successful in getting others open. But sometimes I won't stop despite being rejected.

3. Allow yourself to be hurt if you can prevent others from being hurt.
I tend to do this in order to hold back on what I want and let others go. Sometimes I forget even my wants or needs because I keep on providing for others. For example, if a friend comes to me in New York and she wants to have dinner together. But she had to get on the train home in a few hours. I would choose a restaurant that is close to the train station, even if it is very far from my house. I chose a restaurant that was convenient for my friend, but it was inconvenient for me. Don't ask why, because my answer is I don't know.

4. Critically acclaimed movies can have an impact on me over the long term.
The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, was the first book that made me cry and feel emotional for a long time. I also have a file on my computer that often holds articles online that have profound effects on my mood. However, even though I kept those articles, I didn't dare to open them again, because rereading would enslave me with my emotions, and there were still some movies that I couldn't watch over again because it would make me. Cry

5. I take too much of my attention.
I always try to make things easier for the people around me, like when shopping, I squeeze myself and my cart as close to the side as possible. Or if I walk down the hallway or in the subway, I won't sit in order to make room for my pregnant or someone who might be bigger than me. Or, if I'm sitting at a desk with a group of coworkers, I try to use as little space as possible so that it doesn't get in the way of others or accidentally hit the arm.

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