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Quick check! Who should not drink "mineral water" from ground water? [сообщение #514887] Срд, 17 Февраль 2021 12:54
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People with underlying diseases such as edema patients, kidney disease patients, and poor heart function. Hypertensive patients People who have secreted large amounts of stomach acid. And patients with respiratory disease with bronchospasm Do not drink mineral water from ground water.
Found "underground mineral water" that can be really drinkable
Dr. Suwanchai, M.D. Wattana Yingcharoenchai Director-General of the Department of Health said that from the case of the Department of Groundwater Resources has surveyed groundwater in the area of ​​Ban Thung Khun. Huai Krachao District Kanchanaburi Found an underground spring that has a special characteristic that is a tingle like soda and a little sweet.

From the preliminary examination joker123 of the properties of the groundwater Found to have PH value Or the pH is 6.75 with properties very close to normal water. Did not find any toxic contaminants, but found high bicarbonate content. Which is one of many types of mineral water, such as sulfate mineral water (Sulfate water), sulfate-bicarbonate mineral water. (Sulfate-bicarbonate waters), mineral water, calcium (calcium water).

Who should not drink "mineral water" from ground water?
Each type will have different benefits and precautions for consumption. For normal people, drinking mineral water is the same as drinking clean water. Does not cause harm to the body But some groups of people are not recommended to drink bicarbonate mineral water as follows.

Patients with edema
Patients with kidney disease
People with poor heart function
Hypertensive patients
People who have secreted large amounts of stomach acid.
Patients with respiratory disease with bronchospasm.

Benefits and harms of bicarbonate mineral water
For normal people who drink mineral water, bicarbonate will stimulate the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine faster. Stimulate the secretion of hormones in the stomach. But people with gastric digestion problems or gastric hypochilia develop bloating in their digestive and intestinal systems. (Sulfate-bicarbonate waters) are useful in the treatment of diabetes. It reduces thirst, sugar levels and reduces insulin requirements.

Even though such groundwater has the physical and chemical properties suitable for the quality criteria for consuming groundwater. But bringing to prepare a water supply system to distribute to people Should have added a disinfection system before distributing to the public as well. This is because they may be contaminated by pathogens during the containment. Or in the water distribution system before reaching the people's household

Mineral water vs gallstones
However, from the doubts about drinking groundwater, it will have gallstones or not. Gallstones are caused by the aggregation of crystals of mineral salts or limestone to form stones. Due to the high concentration of minerals in the urine, such as drinking less water or eating certain foods that are excreted in urine. Which drinking mineral water does not cause stones and does not cause stones. And if anyone does not want to get gallstones, it is recommended to drink more than 8 glasses of water a day, eat a healthy diet with complete nutrition and the right proportion. Avoid foods that are very sweet, very salty, and foods high in uric acid. As well as avoiding foods that are high in oxalates
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