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Application of hip sintering furnace [сообщение #515153] Пнд, 22 Февраль 2021 11:47
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Application of hip sintering furnace

The hot isostatic pressing equipment is mainly composed of high pressure vessel, heating furnace, compressor, vacuum pump, cooling system and computer control system. At present. The advanced hot isostatic press is a frame structure with prestressed steel wire winding. The connection between the end cover and the cylinder block of the high-pressure vessel adopts the non threaded design. Because the cylinder and the frame are wrapped with steel wire, the negative prestress can be determined by calculation. Even when the device is in the maximum working pressure state, the strong stress is borne by the prestressed wrapped steel wire, that is, the stress is concentrated and eliminated, and the bearing area is independent and safe.

At the same time, steel wire winding also plays the role of explosion-proof and barrier. Therefore, the hot isostatic pressing machine with this structure does not need any special protective device under the working conditions of high temperature and high pressure (2000 ℃ and 200MPa). Compared with the old-fashioned hot isostatic pressing machine with threaded connection structure (between the end cover and the cylinder block), the structure of the machine is not only compact, but also effectively ensures the safety of production. The heating furnace is responsible for providing the heat necessary for heating isostatic pressing. It is usually a resistance type heating furnace. According to the requirements of different temperature ranges, different resistance materials can be used. For example, when the maximum working temperature is 1450 ℃, molybdenum wire heating furnace can be used, and when the maximum working temperature is 2000%, graphite heating furnace can be used.

At present, in the advanced hot isostatic pressing equipment, the installation mode of heating furnace is plug-in type, and the heating area is distributed at the bottom and side, which can realize rapid heating and uniform heating, and control the temperature difference in the range of ≤ 15 ~ e or even ≤ 10 ℃. The compression system usually adopts non oiling electro-hydraulic compressor, which is equipped with overpressure protection, anti vibration device and automatic adjustment components, and can provide high pressure gas up to 200MPa for hip. The vacuum pump is rotary impeller type, which is used to exhaust the equipment and remove water, oxygen and other volatile impurities in the container.

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