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Warning again !! The world of contact will not be in touch if we do not contact each other. [сообщение #513821] Вск, 24 Январь 2021 08:05
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Did you know that if we are going to stop the corona virus? Can start from ourselves first If we do not put ourselves in the risky area It will not spread to the people around us. With simple techniques that anyone can do And it is something that can be done until ever in everyday life, it will be even better Which will prevent the spread as follows

Prevention of the corona virus in various situations

The main way is to wash your hands thoroughly using alcohol. And wear a face mask when going to a crowded area It is divided into the things that we do every day.

1. Prevention of the corona virus before leaving the house.

Prepare a mask Or a cloth mask that can tighten the face Choose a face fitting that can cover both the mouth and nose.
Carry a tissue with you at all times in order to cough, sneeze, or come into contact with objects you don't know to have germs.
Carry the perfect size alcohol gel in your pocket. In order to wash hands and disinfect from touching areas

2. Prevention of corona virus while traveling

Always wear a face mask. And do not touch the front surface of the mask Because there may be germs on them
Avoid touching things as much as possible. Or if that can't be avoided, spray alcohol before touching. Or wash your hands with alcohol gel after touching an item, especially doorknobs, elevator buttons, door handles, handrails or handrails of the traveling vehicle.
Keep a distance of 1-2 meters from those around you.
Wash your hands with alcohol gel after handling notes, coins, or travel tickets.
Wash your hands immediately after getting off the bus. And after reaching the destination

3. Prevention of corona virus when returning home

Wash your hands with alcohol gel. And carefully remove the mask and dispose of it in the bag properly For the mask, wash and clean it.
Take a shower, wash your hair, change clothes immediately.
Clean any items that you carry with you, such as bags, shoes, keys, or phones before putting them in place. Because germs may settle on the surface of things
So for safety You must not underestimate your daily life because of the coronavirus. We cannot see it with the naked eye. Therefore want to leave it for everyone Turn off the mask Carry an alcohol gel And do not go to areas prone to infection

If everyone together Social distance Corona virus Will definitely be gone

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